“A provincial blindness moves so many of us to ignore beauty around us, while we gasp at glory in far away places.”

Opened originally in 1934 as a theatrical training ground for some of the country’s most beloved stage performances, Dunaway is a one of a kind rock and floral garden that boasts unsurpassed beauty throughout the seasons.

A new incarnation of Hetty Jane Dunaway will come suddenly upon the curtain of cedars fanning out into the curve of seats in one of the dells, note the faerie rings as perfect plateaux for chorus and orchestra, envision a corps de ballet approaching the stage from a winding path.

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A Glimpse into the Gardens

Dunaway Great Pool

Great Pool

With a cascading waterfall, the Great Pool is the perfect spot to let all of your cares drift away. The soothing sounds of the water will transport you to another world–away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Dunaway Sunken Gardens

Sunken Gardens

Our Sunken Gardens is a hidden jewel that boasts of twin water channels with moss covered paths that allow you to not only let your feet wander, but your mind as well.

Hanging Gardens Dunaway

Hanging Gardens

As you continue to explore the exquisite grounds, the Hanging Gardens, with its two carved stone staircases that wind around a dripping waterfall and collection pool, is sure to become your favorite spot.

Dunaway Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek

Follow Cedar Creek as it meanders around the grounds and get lost in the natural beauty of your surroundings. It is a rare treat that will awaken all of your senses, ground you, and bring you back to what is most important–life.

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